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Old School

Enjoy the Old School favourites for only 25$

Lemon mint 🍋

Double apple 🍎

Gum mint

Orange mint 🍊

Grape mint 🍇

Watermelon mint 🍉


Blueberry Mint

Angel lips

Blue dragon


Mi amor

Love 66

Lady killer

Blue melon



Enjoy a selection of more Modern mixes for $32.50

Green Jolly Rancher

Green fruits blend features crisp apples, zesty kiwis, and succulent grapes, creating a vibrant symphony of fresh and juicy flavors.

Maui Waui

A tropical paradise - a refreshing fusion of sweet papaya and juicy watermelon, creating a tantalizing and hydrating flavor sensation.

Peachy Lychee

Savor the enchanting fusion of peachy sweetness and lychee's exotic allure.

Pink Lemonade

Sweet strawberries, tangy grapefruit, juicy raspberries, and a splash of lime

Shake My Strawberry

Delight in a creamy blend of luscious strawberries, offering a rich, smooth, and decadent smoke.

Bubblegum Blast

Self explanatory! Taste of delicious bubblegum that will have you feel like you're chewing on smoke!

Hookah Master's Mix

Let us customize an experience for you. With our best selection of bowls, hookahs, and flavours, you can't go wrong with this. $35

Citrus Catastrophe

Explosive fusion of citrus flavors in a chaotic harmony.


Savor the intriguing blend of smokeable Coke with a hint of lime—an exotic twist on classic indulgence.

OG Mix

Orange Guava Mix

Golden Grove

Creamy coconut, with luscious essence of a tangy pineapple


Cold Drinks



Soft Drinks

Ginger Ale, Sprite, Nestea, Coke & Diet Coke


Red Bull




Hot Drinks


Locally roasted coffee, brewed in-house


Green Tea


Black Tea


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