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Old School

Enjoy the Old School favourites for only 25$

Lemon mint 🍋

Double apple 🍎

Gum mint

Orange mint 🍊

Grape mint 🍇

Watermelon mint 🍉


Blueberry Mint

Angel lips

Blue dragon


Mi amor

Love 66

Lady killer

Blue melon



Enjoy a selection of more Modern mixes for $32.50

King's Mix

Green fruits blend features crisp apples, zesty kiwis, and succulent grapes, creating a vibrant symphony of fresh and juicy flavors.

Maui Waui

A tropical paradise - a refreshing fusion of sweet papaya and juicy watermelon, creating a tantalizing and hydrating flavor sensation.

Peachy Lychee

Savor the enchanting fusion of peachy sweetness and lychee's exotic allure.

Pink Lemonade

Sweet strawberries, tangy grapefruit, juicy raspberries, and a splash of lime

Mystic Mango

A tropical escape with our mango mix—sun-kissed mangoes, and citrusy passion fruit create a luscious and exotic fusion

Shake My Strawberry

Delight in a creamy blend of luscious strawberries, offering a rich, smooth, and decadent smoke.

Hookah Master's Mix

Let us customize an experience for you. With our best selection of bowls, hookahs, and flavours, you can't go wrong with this. $35

Citrus Catastrophe

Explosive fusion of citrus flavors in a chaotic harmony.


Savor the intriguing blend of smokeable Coke with a hint of lime—an exotic twist on classic indulgence.

OG Mix

Orange Guava Mix

Golden Grove

Creamy coconut, with luscious essence of a tangy pineapple


Cold Drinks



Soft Drinks

Ginger Ale, Sprite, Nestea, Coke & Diet Coke


Red Bull




Hot Drinks


Locally roasted coffee, brewed in-house


Green Tea


Black Tea


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